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Drip'n 10k

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Flavour Description:

Fresh apples come together for a fusion of flavour with an explosion of rich pomegranate and thirst-quenching passionfruit.

Type: Disposable
Puffs: 10,000
Rechargeable: Yes
Battery Size: 600 mAh
Liquid Type: Salt Nicotine
Liquid Capacity: 19 ml
Nicotine Content: 20 mg/ml

Drip'n 10k

Introducing the Drip'n 10k, Where cutting edge technology meets unrivaled efficiency to maximize cloud output. This impressive device takes vaping to new heights, offering an astonishing capacity of up to 10,000 puffs! With its ultra-sleek design, the Drip'n 10k line delivers both style and performance. 

Available Flavours: