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Giveaway Rules and FAQs

Supa Vapes Giveaway

Quite often, we host giveaways that have nothing to do with vaping because, why not? We love our community, and as a small business, we love giving back to say thank you for supporting us. We’ve written down how our Giveaways work so that you are able to know!

If you have questions about participating in one of our Giveaways, here's everything you need to know:


  • Must be 19 years of age or older - due to the nature of our business we have to shut down any dealings with minors
  • Must be following us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Must reside in Canada
  • Must physically collect your prize in store and present valid government ID showing your are 19+


Where can I find Giveaway Events?

Keep an eye open for Giveaway posts on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you have an account with us, check your email because all VIP members get this news sent directly to them.

How do I enter?

All you need to do is tag a friend and share our post. The more people you tag, the more odds you have of winning. It's as simple as that!



How is the winner selected?

The winner is randomly selected using tools such as to avoid any human bias. This way it's fair for everyone!

There are multiple posts, which one should I tag and share?

Do not worry! It doesn't matter, pick one and we have all our information in one spot so we get all applications across our platforms. But by sharing and commenting on each post it does increase your chances of winning.

How do I increase my odds of winning?

Share our post and tag your friends. We recommend tagging people in individual posts - you will have a higher chance of winning due to how the random selector works.

When will the winner be announced?

Within 48 hours of the date on the original Giveaway post.

How long do I have to claim the Giveaway?

You have 48 hours to respond back to us and once we have confirmed we will keep the item on the side for you, there is no time limit to picking it up once you have notified us you are the winner on the account that was called out.

What do I do if I win?

Once we've announced you as the winner on our socials, contact us within 48 hours of the announcement so we can arrange a time with you to come and pick up your prize in store. Upon pick up, you must present valid government ID indicating you are 19 years are older. We will also take a picture and a quick video of you with your prize for social proof. This is non-negotiable because we want everyone to see that the Giveaway is real and that the prize ended up in the right hands!

What if I did not make a claim within 48 hours but I won?

If you are past the 48 hours we have given, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. At this point another winner will have be selected and it would been unfair to take the opportunity away from them. No exceptions will be made.

I still have questions, where can I ask?

Send us an email at and we will add them to this FAQ for other people in the future!